About this site

A little bit about this site and me

My wife Flor My daughter Ariel My son Diego My vicious dog Bruno

About this Site

This is my personal playground, my online presence which I can re-arrange and modify however/whenever I like. I am a Web/New Media designer, developer and photography enthusiast. This is a place where I can talk about design and where I can showcase some of my latest design achievements.

About Me

I was born in Guatemala and I’m currently living in the Washington D.C. suburbs of Virginia with my lovely wife Flor, my beautiful daughter Ariel, my creative son Diego, and my vicious dog Bruno. When I’m not parked in front of my Mac I am normally spending time with my kids or visiting the gym.

One could describe me as a perfectionist which sometimes is good and sometimes not (especially when my kids ask for help). I'm interested and involved in many things. Mostly the art (typography, photography, visual), nature, physical and spiritual.

About my work

I am very passionate about my work. Attention to details is very important to me as I always believed that it’s a sum of small details that can make the difference between good and bad design.

If you want to know more about my professional and educational activities I invite you to read my résumé or take a look at samples of my work.


This is a short list of designers and web sites that inspire me